For companies in the tourism industry and tourist services.
Transparent rules, user comfort and speed. Mobile versions. A powerful database of modules and GDS integration. CRM and White Label systems.

From 01.11.2019



Comprehensive tools for Tour Operators and Travel Agents.
A unique combination of the latest IT technologies with maintaining close relations between the travel agency and the client.

From 01.03.2020



Advertisers - expand the reach of your tourist brand. Increase your sales through a global publishers network.
Publishers - become a partner to the best tourist brands.

From 01.05.2020

What we do?

We specialize in advanced IT and marketing consulting for companies in the tourism industry.

service 1

Modern Visualizations

Countless ideas for your website - in every detail.

service 2

Stable IT tools

Applications for management, promotion, sales and audit.

service 3

Pure Code

Getting the purity of the project through its development...

Our offer

We provide innovative tools in the field of IT for all entities of the travel industry

project 1

Travel Platform [TP]

ClientTour Operator
Accessfrom 01.03.2020
ContentsCRM, GDS, L-C-C

Software for tour operators in the SAAS model (software as a service) without the need for installation and maintenance (admin + hosting), reservation system, CRM, integration, accounting and finance, back office, directory management, table creation, formulas, creation, agent management, generating documents, statistics, analysis, maps....

project 2

Reservation System [RS]

ClientHotels & Guest Houses
Accessfrom 01.11.2019
ContentsGDS, OTS, PMS

Managing online reservations from one control platform for all distribution channels. Synchronization, integration and optimization with the largest wholesale databases in the world. Precision and speed of work, easy policy of price and resource diversification of the object.

project 3

Affiliate Platform [AP]

Accessfrom 01.05.2020
ContentsWidget, banner, link

Our Affiliate Platform will be able to increase the number of conversions and promote your brand. We will help you achieve excellent sales results. We are introducing the ethical model of "no-win-no-pay" cooperation to the network (you do not earn - you do not pay). Our publishers database creates an optimal environment for your brand's long-term success.

project 4

Travel Platform [PT]

ClientTravel Agent
Accessfrom 01.03.2020
ContentsAgent Panel

Software for travel agents, reservation system, integration, salesman management, branch creation, report generation, statistics, analysis, widgets, maps ...

project 5

Reservation System [RS]

ClientTourist Services
Accessfrom 01.11.2019
ContentsCRM, Mobil

Reservation management software for companies providing tourist services. Reservation search engine, customer base, arbitrary creation of lists "start / end" of the reservation, printout of reservations and documents, cash reports, any number of system users ...

project 6

Affiliate Platform [AP]

Accessfrom 01.05.2020
ContentsWidget, banner, link

Start earning money on your website or blog! We provide a full range of tourist services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, insurance, transfers and much more. Help visitors to your website or blog plan a trip or organize a special holiday. Only reliable advertisers and global travel brands.

project 7

Travel Platform [PT]

ClientUsers [PT]
Accessfrom 01.03.2020
ContentsWebsite + CRM

A ready and fully integrated solution that saves your time and money. By using the help of professionals, you can be sure that the tools provided are of the highest quality, so you do not bear any business risk. The service is fully adapted to both your needs and the requirements of your clients.

project 8

Reservation System [RS]

ClientUsers [RS]
Accessfrom 01.11.2019
ContentsWebsite + CRM

A ready website and a fully integrated solution that saves your time and money. By using the help of professionals, you can be sure that the tools provided are of the highest quality, so you do not bear any business risk. The service is fully adapted to both your needs and the requirements of your clients.

project 9

Affiliate Platform [AP]

ClientUsers [AP]
Accessfrom 01.05.2020
ContentsCross-Device, Cookie, API

Automate your content monetization strategy and optimize your earning potential with simplified data access at product level, customized product widgets, and configurable deep-linked earning tools. We provide modern tools: White Label, Widget Generator, API, APP Mobil / SDK ...

  • project 1

    Travel Platform [TP]


  • project 2

    Reservation System [RS]


  • project 3

    Affiliate Platform [AP]


  • project 4

    Travel Platform [TP]


  • project 5

    Reservation System [RS]


  • project 6

    Affiliate Platform [AP]


  • project 7

    Travel Platform [TP]


  • project 8

    Reservation System [RS]


  • project 9

    Affiliate Platform [AP]


Who we are?

A modern platform supporting sales and presentation of tourist industry services.

team 1

IT technologies


Modern ICT solutions are the basis for the development of every company.
By taking over responsibility for the daily functioning of the IT area, data storage and security, we allow our customers to concentrate their own resources on key business activities.
Our own Data Center will help in effective use of technological possibilities to support business processes.

team 1

IT marketing


Solutions that deliver results and understand the specificity of companies in terms of the need for stable and steady growth in the effectiveness of operations.
We scale processes thanks to actions on international markets. Our solutions increase sales by acquiring valuable sales leads. We integrate marketing and sales processes.

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The scope of our services include designing of visual identifications, advertising, widely understood printing as well as internet and multimedia projects. While stepping up to new technologies, we offer professional visual and electronic service for companies, institutions and independent initiatives. We have many years of experience and ingenuity behind us.

About us

We provide comprehensive solutions for companies and organizations involved in the production of goods and services for the tourism industry. Thanks to our modern platform that gathers in one place a wide range of IT tools and a powerful database of tourist offers, we effectively and quickly acquire sales for our Partners from around the world. Our platform allows direct access to a wide range of offers and applications. You can integrate with them and co-create activities beneficial to both parties. Thanks to the information about your results, available at your fingertips, you will be able to easily define areas of yet untapped potential.

Used technologies

  • Quality Assurance, MySQL

  • JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS

  • .NET, J2EE, Unix/Linux

  • Scala, Python, R, Swift, C#, C++

Cloud solutions

Cloud IaaS - for a B2B client, providing IT infrastructure, software, hardware, disk space, computing power and maintenance services

Cloud PaaS - for travel agents, sale of a ready, customized set of applications

Cloud SaaS - for affiliate solutions

Elegance is not an abundance of simplicity. It is a lack of complexity.

Our services proposals

Why us?

ALKA IT is a team of experts in the field of tourism and IT solutions for the tourism industry.

We want our company to be the best and that is why we focus on important issues to meet the expectations of those who have trusted us or will trust us in the future.

client 1 GOAL Professionalism

We distinguish ourselves by the fact that we care for a friendly atmosphere and a spirit of cooperation. Thanks to gratifying endeavors, we act for the benefit of the community, we share information and resources.

client 2 MISSION Passion

We do the right thing because honesty is our top priority in every decision. Every day we are guided by ethics, integrity and reliability in all our dealings.

client 3 ETHICS Honesty

"Excellence is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing to lose."

Integrations and extensions


Check out the possibilities of the tools you are interested in by using the free demo version.


  • Tour Operators & Travel Agents
  • Full version
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 60 day of testing


  • Hotels and service providers
  • Fulla version
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 30 day of testing


  • Advertisers and publishers
  • Full version
  • 24/7technical support
  • 30 day of testing

We offer special bonuses for BETA Testers of our products. Contact us for more information.



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